Baraka Cold Process Soap

Baraka Cold Process Soap

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Baraka is one of those beautiful words that doesn't have an English counterpart.  It's Arabic, and roughly put, references the gift of spiritual energy between objects and individuals. I like to think of scent as being sort of baraka-esque, and I've used lots of Middle Eastern notes in this batch, so it seemed as fitting a name as any.

Smells like: Rose, Sandalwood, Amber, Leather

About 5oz per bar.

Superfatted to 5%, tested on friends, not animals. Each bar comes in its own little muslin bag, wrapped in recycled paper printed with title and ingredients.

Ingredients: Water; Lye; Coconut, Palm, Olive, and Canola Oils; Shea Butter; Fragrance Oil; Kaolinite Clay; Rose Petals


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