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Please remember to be respectful to ALL customer servers. If you're rude, we can't promise to contain our snark. We don't undergo abuse training like that guy you berated at Target last week, and well...being snarky to rude people is super fun. It should also be known that after a certain hour of the evening, we may be drunk when we respond to your remark about it being the "job" of the customer service professional to take such abuse. And let me tell you--that will be a party.



Mailing Address and Retail Location:

Long Winter Soap Co.
11 Friendship St
Waldoboro, ME 04572
United States


(207) 449-2394*

*This is my personal cell number and I don't answer calls from unrecognized numbers (on account of all those timeshare condos, cruises, free iPads, and drunk ex boyfriends I keep winning), so texting is the way to go if you for some reason have an aversion to contact forms.