Since we closed our doors on March 14th, we have beefed up our disinfection schedule and kept a giant tub of free soap scraps outside our door. We've added local curbside pick up to our checkout, and a pick up box to our window. We've donated masks to the maskless and bars of soap to the home-bound, and kept a clean bowl of water on the sidewalk for all the good puppies we miss.

We're not closed because it's easier. (Though, to be perfectly honest, we do kinda love these Lizzo dance breaks and podcast days.) We're closed because we'd like a healthy community to welcome through our open doors in the future. 

So, how do you take advantage of this whole curbside pick up thing? It's easy!

select curbside pick up
After you've done all your shopping, hit check out. You'll see the above field, and select "Pick up".
curside pick up window
Once we've got your order all packed up, we'll send you an alert and start leaving your order outside in the curbside box while we're at the shop. (Usually 10ish-5ish daily.) Let us know if you've got a weird schedule and we'll do our best to schedule for it!