Maine Kebab

New flavor on the block

Amanda Nelson-McNelly
Soaper, eater of good food

Since we moved into 11 Friendship Street in Waldoboro three and a half years ago, the little restaurant behind our building has been empty. She's had her suitors, dreamers with that "wouldn't it be awesome..." spark, but never the right fit. Until last month.

Shane McGarvey (with all this extra time COVID-19 has granted him in place of his usual summers catering weddings) decided to jump into the space and offer, brilliantly, take-out only dining. The fare? Street-style kebabs. 

It's not lost on us that while Middle Eastern in origin, kebabs are Germany's favorite street food. A charming nod to Waldoboro's rich German heritage.

The simple menu is a sort of choose-your-own adventure, in which you first set the scene with a choice of rice, fries, salad, or wrap, then add a protein, sauces, and sides. All orders must be placed online (it's extremely easy, even my mother in law figured it out) and diners receive a text when their meal is ready for pick up.

I've lost track of how many times we've ordered, and it's only been a month. It's that perfect.

Try maine kebab tonight

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