Unicorn Farts Room Oil

Unicorn Farts Room Oil

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Got a funky smell to mask? We've got you covered! Just put a few drops of our room oil in your oil/tart warmer, and in a few minutes you'll be smelling spearmint and cotton candy.

Bottle comes with child-locking glass dropper and 2oz of fragrance carried by propylene glycol.

Some funky smells our room oil would love to mask for you:

  • your husband's farts
  • your dog's farts
  • your farts
  • stinky diapers
  • stinky husbands
  • stinky dogs
  • cats
  • your mother in law's perfume
  • your father in law's perfume
  • last night's dishes
  • the fact that you haven't showered in four days because of Netflix
  • that dead mouse under the couch
  • whatever the hell your neighbors are doing
  • your kid's complete biohazard of a bedroom
  • last month's Chinese takeout that you forgot behind this month's Chinese takeout
  • the baking soda you put in the fridge three years ago (it smells like 36 rounds of forgotten Chinese takeout)
  • socks
  • the milk your kid spilled behind the fridge without telling you
  • soccer practice
  • soccer players
  • the margaritas you spilled in your bag during soccer practice
  • the margaritas you spilled in your bag during Little League practice
  • the crackers in your minivan
  • the orange your kid lost in your minivan
  • the baby vomit in your minivan
  • the margaritas you spilled in your minivan
  • the existential dread that follows the moment you realize how much of your life is now spent in minivans

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