Shelter Anyplace Cloth Face Mask

Shelter Anyplace Cloth Face Mask

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Since I had to make masks for the two adults in our family and have an addictive personality, I figured why not make masks all day and night for half the county? 

This is a variation of Keiko Olsson's brilliant pattern which I modified to add side panels which hold straps instead of ear elastics. Maybe I'm weird, but I don't like elastic tugging on my ears. Also, my ears are lopsided. And kind of too low for holding masks in the right spot on my face.               ...OK yes, I'm weird.

This double-cotton mask will fit any adult or big kid face. The top fold tucks around the nose to maximize contact and minimize glasses fogging. The strap fits around the back of your neck and ties at the back of your head. Hair buns and hats help to keep it from sliding around if you're not one of those people with skulls that keep accessories in the perfect place all day. Again, same. 

A note about pricing: At first we were offering a $0 base price and allowing folks to decide what to pay for their masks, if anything. This was awesome, but the setup was confusing, glitchy, and made a hot mess for inventory when people were able to (in their mind) "purchase" sold out items by checking out with the donations only. Disaster. So, with heavy hearts, we took the average donation amount and made it the purchase price, and will be donating one mask for every three sold. 

A note about how these aren't N95 masks: These aren't N95 masks. Those are for medical professionals, and there's a shortage. These are for going to the grocery store.  

A note about local pick up: at checkout, if you're local and your location services are enabled, our cart system will give you the option of curbside pickup. If you don't see this option because you're outside the radius or your device wears a tinfoil hat but you'd still like to pick up your order, go ahead and use the coupon code "local" to remove shipping charges. Once you've completed your local order, go ahead and email us at to arrange pickup outside our store at 11 Friendship Street in Waldoboro. We're very much closed to the public because we're not stupid, so we're not keeping regular hours, but we're there several days a week to pack orders. I'm taking every precaution to keep your masks disinfected and safe, but please, for my sanity and your safety, run a hot iron over them before putting them on your face holes in case I have the asymptomatic plague. 

Smoke free, cat friendly studio.