Gardener's Friend Cold Process Soap

Gardener's Friend Cold Process Soap

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Every gardener worth their salt gets filthy as soon as the ground thaws. That kind of shocking disregard for one's manicure requires an aggressively scrubby, yet chemically gentle bar, and that's what we've delivered here. And it's scented with the freshest essential oils out there, so you can just forget about smelling like beets all season.

About 5-6oz per bar.

Superfatted to 5%, tested on friends, not animals. Each bar comes in its own little muslin bag and wrapped in recycled brown paper printed with title and ingredients.

Ingredients: Water; Lye; Coconut, Palm, Olive, and Canola Oils; Shea Butter; Lavender, Litsea; & Peppermint Essential Oils; Pumice Powder; Alfalfa Leaf; Lemon Peel; Safflower Petals; Poppy Seeds; Titanium Dioxide