Sea Smoke Cold Process Sea Salt Soap

Sea Smoke Cold Process Sea Salt Soap

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Vetiver, sea moss, and salty rose, loaded with sea salt and topped with pink salt. We Mainers have a habit of holding on to the beach well beyond the point when it's cold enough for folks to light an afternoon fire. The chimney smoke rolls down through the rugosa hips to converse with the ocean fog, and for a moment it's a perfect world. Then one of the kids slips on rockweed and falls on their ass in the tidepool and we have to go home to light a fire of our own.

About 5oz per bar.

Superfatted to 5%, tested on friends, not animals. Each bar comes in its own little muslin bag, wrapped in a recycled paper band, printed with title and ingredients.

Ingredients: Water; Lye; Coconut, Palm, Olive, and Canola Oils; Shea Butter; Fragrance; Sea Salt; Pink Himalayan Salt; Charcoal