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Gretel Skin Cream

I've always had issues with skin cream and lotion. It either doesn't moisturize enough, or leaves me greasy, or has so much fragrance and preservative in it, I end up all itchy. So I'm dry and greasy with hives on my neck. Not awesome. It's cool though, I found the perfect base and tried again! Yay for no hives on my neck!

This fabled perfect cream base has lots of love for the skin without leaving you feeling like you just ate a bucket of chicken during a national napkin shortage. That's my best analogy, and I'm sticking to it. It's nut-free, and preserved naturally, so no yucky parabens.

This particular 4.5oz jar is scented with Gretel. We all know the story...a little boy and a little girl walking through the forest come across a ginger bread house and have a fight with a cannibalistic witch. The children win out in the end, of course, and the witch meets a fiery fate. This smells like the good, girly parts of the story--gingerbread cookies, sweet spices, a little balsam, and a tiny bit of wood smoke. Because Gretel got a little soot on her apron when she pushed the witch into the oven.

Ingredients: water, organic aloe juice, rice bran oil, jojoba, emulsifying wax, glycerin, palm stearic acid (thickener), vitamin e (antioxidant), silver citrate (natural preservative), citric acid (to neutralize pH), potassium sorbate (mild preservative; replaces parabens), fragrance

***Don't forget to recycle!! The jar is made of PET plastic and fits in with the rest of your number 1 plastics.***

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