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Welcome to Stay-at-Home Film School! 

When we decided that our local school was not even remotely up to the task of handling COVID-19 (or operating Zoom effectively), it became abundantly clear that we needed to homeschool for the 2020-21 school year. But we didn't want some plug-and-play option, because that's no fun. So we started designing some of our own curriculum. Part of that was an Intro to Film Class we made available to other parents in a similar situation. Or to adults who just want to learn more about movies. 

If you're just joining us, the process is simple. Each week you watch a movie from a list. Most are from a specific part of the film world. Some are from a master list of roughly 300 films. Then you write a very short review of it on Letterboxd. That's it! 

The "course" is totally free. 

The films can be found in a variety of places, but there's a very good chance your local library can get you a DVD of nearly everything on the list, so if you don't have HBO Max, don't despair!

We'll kick things off in earnest in September, but keep an eye out for updates before then.

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