Holiday 2013: The Early Panic Guide #2

November 02, 2013

Second on the list: Decking the Walls

My strategy for holiday decorating is to make our living space look like it's always Christmas. Not like it's usually not Christmas, and I just threw some paper snowflakes and stuffed santas around. No, it has to be a subtly executed, yet thorough and unmistakeable immersion. The easiest way to create the illusion of calm permaChristmas, I've found, is to conceal holiday-looking prints behind non-holiday prints within wall frames and switch them out accordingly. No need for storage, no week of transition with all of your holiday crap all over the dining room table, no excuses. I like to use vintage botanical prints of holly and spruce, old illustrations of reindeer, snowshoe hares, arctic foxes, and the like, and of course most Etsy artists offer up an amazing selection of holiday cheer this time of year. A few of my favorites:

Juliana Swaney's Snow Geese


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