Holiday 2013 - The Early Panic Guide

November 01, 2013

Having a gift-centric online retail business has taught me two things.  1) People love unicorns. 2) If I don't make the holiday buckeye balls in November, they don't get made.  Game over.  So, in the spirit of actually celebrating the holidays this year instead of simply surviving them and throwing together something festive-ish after the last postal day, as crafters in my situation so often do, I bring you my master plan.  Let's get our shit together BEFORE Black Friday this year, everybody!

First on the list: Holiday Cards

Every year I buy them, and every year I fail to send them out.  Oh, I'm grateful to still have them in my possession on the last day of school when I suddenly remember teacher gifts, but do I feel like I've failed as a friend, niece, and human?  Yes I do. This year, I'll be going with the stationery + personalized return address stamp option, courtesy of Jen Pepper from The Chatty Press.

Jen's thought of a design for all demographics with these sets, from the secular chocoholic (me) to the traditionalist, to the outdoorsy winter weather enthusiast, and if you're not in need of the full set, you can choose from the cards themselves, the personalized address stamps, or just the fun stampy accessories.

Or just browse her entire holiday correspondence collection, it's packed this year!


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