Pegasi smell like marmalade and clouds.

September 18, 2013

Long Winter friends, if you're not already familiar and in love with Danielle Pedersen's polymer clay totems, it's my sworn mission to educate you on the subject.  You may have noticed her work in the long-adored Unicorn Farts Set, but in my opinion, that's just not a big enough Danielle/Amanda party.

Therefore, in celebration of Danielle's fancy new internet home, we've concocted a limited series of collaborative sets of scent and totem!  Each of these very special beasts is the subject of centuries of folklore from civilizations around the world, and for each I've created a very special blended perfume that is both inspired by its respective mythical beast, and available exclusively in conjunction with its purchase at

My personal favorite, the Phoenix. In its legend, it rejuvenates itself by bursting into flames and rising again from the ashes, so the corresponding perfume, a blend of wood smoke, amber, cinnamon, and patchouli, smells like fire.

The Pegasus of course smells like orange marmalade, violet candy, and clouds.

The Gryffon, because it's very manly, smells like sandalwood, frankincense, clove, blood orange, and a little leather.

The Jackalope smells like the prairie grass in which it plays: coumarin, cut grass, parsley, and sandalwood.

The Kitsune (very wise shape-shifting fox) smells like very delicate, feminine Japanese things: sakura blossoms, ylang ylang, neroli, and rosewood.

Namazu, the giant catfish responsible for the earthquakes in Japan, smells like mud, patchouli, and water lotus.

The Bakeneko, which is sort of a spiritual enhancement of the cat, can either be very mischievous or very lucky, and smells like strong catnip, green tea, and jasmine.

And the Kelpie, which is the Celtic version of the water horse.  He smells like all of the clean water scents and a little violet for playful tradition.

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