Settling In

September 07, 2013

I'm having so much fun building this new site, you guys.  I can't even tell you how awesome it is to stretch my legs and explore all these new freedoms that I didn't even know existed! coding skills are dusty at best.  OK I'll admit it, nerds these days are coding in languages I've never heard of.  Good thing I'm pretty good at reading tutorials, eh?  Watch this space for more conveniently-placed drop down menus than you can handle. 

Other things to come after I stop obsessing over drop down menus:

  • Various gift sets in various sizes and smell-kinds
  • Bath soak for bathtime
  • Cool weather smells
  • Probably some pictures of cats at some point

I'm obviously most excited about cats, but I'm also very excited about getting a bunch of gift sets pre-wrapped for unprecedented shopping and shipping speed.  I'm confident that if we work together and we're very very caffeinated, we can make this the most organized and productive season yet!

Keep it clean,

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